Our cavemen ancestors did it first when they created wall art to cover the boring and dull walls of their caves. From that time on, murals have become the way of life for them. It was their way of telling the story of their lives.

Since that time, walls of streets, temples, libraries, palaces, and cathedrals have sported murals. Lately, murals have become the trendy decor to perk up dull and boring walls of offices and homes.

Murus is the Latin word for wall. This is probably where the mural word is derived from. Today, any artwork depiction on a ceiling, wall, and other flat or curved permanent surfaces define the word mural.

Famous masters such as Picasso, Da Vinci, Dali, and Michelangelo are some of the artists that have used murals to express their art. Yet, it can become expensive to have a mural painted on the wall of a room in the home.

The creation of mural wallpaper provides the perfect aesthetic and inexpensive solution to liven up the walls of any room in the home or business. The wow factor delivered by the mural wallpaper is the next best alternative from a real painted wall mural.


Material options for your mural wallpaper


The popularity of mural wallpaper has paved the way for design companies to come up with different types of mural wallpaper. This is because walls in the homes and offices are not created equal.


Using this mural material gives you options to:

  • Have it installed outdoors or indoors
  • Easily install as it can stick to flat surfaces that are non-porous.
  • Wrap around poles and corners.
  • Use as a ceiling mural.
  • Reposition, remove, and reuse any time


Control Tack with Over Laminate

  • A dynamic mural that can be used either indoors or outdoors
  • Tough and durable
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear


Wall Vinyl

  • Works for textured indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Easy to install on tile, concrete block, industrial stucco, and brick walls

What a mural wallpaper can do for a business


A business has to show clients and customers what it has. One of the best ways to attract customer attention is by using mural wallpaper in a business.


Mural wallpaper works better than painting

Painting the walls can be a real pain as it takes days to get it done. Then there’s the dry time to wait out. A wall also has to be even and smooth before it can be painted on. Not so with mural wallpaper. Murals work with all indoor and outdoor wall surfaces and textures.


Mural wallpaper gives aesthetic value

The bold aesthetic statement murals give to business makes them a unique kind of decor. Logos and brands highlighted in the murals are sure to create an unforgettable impact on customers and clients.


Mural wallpaper can be placed anywhere

There’s no limit to using mural wallpaper in a store or company. They are not confined to just the reception area or the sales floor. The lobby or conference room can be jazzed up with murals. A boring corridor or even a personal space can be given statements of their own with the use of murals.

Are you looking for the right mural wallpaper that can enhance the walls of your home or business? Or do you need answers to FAQs about mural wallpapers? Look for latest mural wallpaper that is available to give your home a modern touch.