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We design schools, gyms, public buildings.
We care about the fact that these not only serve, but are designed to become indispensable and valuable for those who live there. We design quickly and intuitively. We are attentive to what happens outside our scenario and we know how to listen. And at the end of this path, marked by poetry, technological research, the choice of natural materials and too many coffees, we are satisfied that we have opened a breach of amazement and beauty.

Architectural Services


Preliminary, definitive and executive design, Coordination between professionals


Specifications, verification of technical compliance, cost control, testing


CILA, SCIA, Building permits, Landscape permits, Attic recoveries


Cadastral surveys, variations, verification of amnesty practices


Architecture is sustainable when it meets all the needs of the client and the current and future user, saving precious natural resources for our planet. We tackle each project with the aim of minimizing its economic and environmental impact, favoring the wellbeing of the occupants. Natural materials, efficient plants and renewable energy are our strategies.
We are a LEED® oriented team!

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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Plumber On The Gold Coast

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Plumber On The Gold Coast

Australia has many firms that offer plumbing services to the public. Some firms are well established and operate on global scales. Plumbing service is one of the basic minimum requirements in any modern home setting. Modern homes are built with kitchens and washrooms inside them; thus, there is a need to ensure that operations are running smoothly on those sections.

In case of a hiccup, you need to contact a plumber on the Gold Coast to assess the problem and provide a solution before it gets out of hand because once it gets out of hand, the situation will be messy and cost a lot to restore.

Benefits of a plumbing service expert

The following are the main advantages of hiring plumbing experts for plumbing services in your home:

  • They have the latest tools and technology

As you are aware, there are the latest tools and technology that facilitate the effective and faster accomplishment of plumbing tasks. A professional plumber firm will be in the frontline to get such tools, and you will get quality work at an absolutely reasonable price. On the other hand, hiring a casual plumber will only mean that you will not get to experience the latest technology because they may not be in a position to purchase such equipment.

  • They will provide you with expert advice

A professional plumber has an in-depth understanding of the plumbing services because they have been well-trained. Therefore, they will assess the condition of your problem and provide you with detailed information of what exactly is going on.

  • They are highly experienced

You are always encouraged to hire a professional plumber on the Gold Coast because for one to qualify as an expert, they have undergone many years of training and practical experiences; hence, they can provide you with the services that you always dreamt of. A well-experienced plumber has a high likelihood of producing quality work and to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • They provide professional plumbing services

The professional plumber always follows certain ethical codes of conduct when delivering their services to clients. They are usually dedicated to the work at hand and will strive to complete the work within the required time. They tend to have fewer or no excuses for not meeting the expectations because they will make sure that the work is done as it should be.

  • Easy follow up

It is also easier to follow up on a professional plumbing firm in case you encounter problems as a result of their work because you know exactly when and where to find them. Professional plumbers usually have established places of work from where they receive their clients’ requests. On the other hand, a casual plumber is hard to trace because most of them tend to be mobile and walk from door to door while offering their services. You cannot know the whereabouts of such individuals, and you may end up regretting it.

Factors of consideration when hiring a plumber

  • Budget

You need to find a plumbing firm that can comfortably work with your budget and avoid the inconveniences of having to look for extra money. Find out the average cost from different firms and go with the one that will be affordable to you while at the same time get you excellent services.

  • Location

An excellent plumbing firm should be located in a convenient location that can easily be accessed at any time.

  • Availability

The plumber Gold Coast should be readily available so that in case anything goes wrong, you can easily reach out for their help.


Tips for choosing the perfect carport

Tips for choosing the perfect carport

Carports have become quite popular with homeowners across Sydney. These are structures which are made from metal and helpful in protecting your vehicle. However protection is not the only benefit which these offer. There are several other reasons for investing in carports.

The main reason why people prefer a carport over constructing a complete garage is that it comes at a fraction of a cost. Card ports are also easy to clean, install and maintain. At the same time they add value to your property. However if you are buying a car port for the first time you may need to find out the size and kind of carport which is best suited for your needs. The following tips can help narrow down your search.

When it comes to purchasing car port you must consider the material from which these are made. It is best to choose a car port which is made from aluminum. This is because Aluminum is light weight yet it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. High soaring temperatures would have a minimum impact on a metal carport. You can rest assured that your vehicle stays completely protected.

There are many types of car ports available in the market. However you can also choose to get one designed specifically for you. Usually a car port is a better option than an enclosed garage because the garage would not have natural ventilation and could even result carbon monoxide poisoning. On the other hand a car port is an open structure from all four sides and therefore you do not have to worry about inhaling any sort of poisonous gas The carport is not only useful for protecting your vehicles but it can also be an ideal place for the children to play. This way they would be protected from the harsh weather conditions and you wouldn’t have to worry about the fear of sunstroke. Besides the carport can also be used to store items like bicycles or any other sports equipment. Plus you can even decide to hold a casual get together of family or friends and have a good time enjoy your meal. All you need to do is to cover the pillars with a few fairy lights to create a beautiful ambience.

A good thing about car ports that you can eventually try to enclose it on all four sides. It is quiet a dynamic structure which can be further customized according to your specifications.

It is important that you purchase the car port from a reliable manufacturer. You may want to invest in a car port which is durable and sturdy. Choosing a car port is a better option than building a garage because sometimes the budget may not allow you or you are looking for something which is more affordable.

Always do proper research before purchasing a carports Sydney. Get all the information about reliable carport manufacturers to make the most of your purchase.

The Benefits of Water Coolers

The Benefits of Water Coolers

Water coolers are gadgets used for cooling or heating water, which then dispenses the water from a refrigeration unit. Water coolers are also referred to as water dispensers. Everyone wants to enjoy cold drinking water on a hot day, which confirms the use of water coolers both at home and in commercial organisations. Not only does a water cooler dispense cold water, but also hot water depending on the button pressed by the user.


Advantages of water coolers

Water coolers have many benefits, some of which are discussed below:


  • They are portable

One of the biggest advantages of a water cooler is that it can easily be carried from one place to the next because of the small size, which makes them highly portable.


  • You can make instant coffee

Imagine getting an instant tea or coffee without having to physically light up the source of heat and boil water for the tea! That is right; water dispensers shorten the process of preparing tea and give instant hot water, which can be made into tea. This makes it better to use in organisations to allow staff to have coffee right on their table and avoid the urge for regular breaks.


  • Saves on space

Since a water cooler is small in size, it can save on space that huge water storage facilities would otherwise occupy. The owner can then put other facilities on the available space left by the water coolers.


  • Facilitates more water intake

The availability of a water cooler can stimulate a person to drink more water, which is good for body utilisation. Almost all the cells, tissues, and organs in a human body require sufficient amounts of water to function properly.


  • It makes an individual hyperactive on a hot day

Drinking chilled water from a cooler can help to cool down the body on a hot day and give a person peace of mind. Hence, one can focus on their work without having to doze off every now and then.


  • It can save you money

If you have a water dispenser at your place of work, there is no need to buy tea or coffee from shops because you can make your own tea instantly. Thus, you save the money you use to buy coffee on a daily basis. The same can apply at home.


Which is the best water cooler?

There is no doubt there are many types of water coolers that are being sold in the market with different looks and names but serving the same purpose.


There are those water coolers that only provide a single water outlet, either hot or chilled. Such water coolers are only used for one particular purpose it serves and lacks flexibility. However, there are other kinds of water dispensers that have two or multiple outlets. Such dispensers can give out either chilled or hot water depending on what you want. This makes it flexible and capable of multitasking.


There are also those types of water coolers Brisbane that have been upgraded to produce sparkling or carbonated water. Nowadays, people prefer to drink carbonated water because they argue that drinking carbonated water has many more benefits than regular freshwater. Therefore, the kind of water cooler that is best for one person might not be the best choice for another person. It all depends on your preferences and your budget.







How builders in Hervey Bay determine the costs of their services

When you build a home, you will discover that different builders will charge you differently for similar services.  At times you may not know what makes the builders charge you differently, but there are several things that builders look for before deciding on the costs of the services they offer their customers.  At times you may think that some of the builders are overcharging you but the fact is that they are not.


It would help if you learn how builders in Hervey Bay determine the amount of money they should charge their customers. This also helps you when you are hiring a builder since you will know the amount of money you should be charged by the builders depending on the services they do.


Factors that determine the costs of charges for builders

One of the factors that builders use when determining the costs of the service that they will be offering you is their training levels. A highly qualified builder will charge you more than a builder who is less qualified. This is because a more trained builder has undergone so much training when it comes to building, and therefore, they are likely to offer you better services than a builder who is less qualified.


The levels of experience of builders are also another thing that will determine the costs of services that you are offered.  A builder who is highly experienced has been in the field for a very long time, and therefore, they have gained so many skills and knowledge required in building homes and houses of different designs and styles. Also, they can build buildings of different sizes that can be complicated for builders who have a lower experience level. For this reason, a more experienced builder will charge you more money for the services that you need.


The location of where the builder is located is another thing that will determine how much you will pay for the services you will be charged. This is because different locations have different living standards. If you live in an area in Hervey Bay where the living standards are high, you will pay for more than if you live in a location with lower living standards.


The size of the project is also another determiner for the services that a builder charges you.   This is very obvious since if you have a large project, you have to pay for more, unlike someone else who has a small project.


Why should you not think of the costs of services when hiring a builder?

When you are hiring a builder, you have to think about things so that you can hire the best builder in Hervey Bay. However, most people think that the costs of the services they offer you are the most important thing to look for.  This should not be the case when you are looking for a builder.  This is because you may look for the most expensive or the cheapest builders around. However, you should take time and look for other factors that make the best builders and not the amount of money they charge you for the services you offer them.


In conclusion, it’s important to know what determines the costs of the home builder’s services. There are many factors that go into it, and it’s essential to identify them. Work with Vivid Home Builders in Hervey Bay. They can come up with plans and designs to suit your budget.




Knowing everything about sandstone paving

Knowing everything about sandstone paving

Sandstone paving is perhaps one of the most popular types of paving stones used on the market. Not only are they extremely adaptable to any location, but they also have an elegant natural feel and can add a lot of style and class to your home or garden. Sandstone pavers are available in various sizes, colors, and finishes, making them ideal for any application.


One of the best things about pavers made from sandstone is that they’re very versatile. This means you can use the stone in so many different ways, resulting in so many different looks, which you can then be proud of. Sandstone comes in such a wide array of colors and styles, with a beautiful subtle combination of earthy tones running throughout it. So, for instance, no two sandstone paving blocks will ever look the same, creating a beautiful subtle tone for your outdoor applications. You can also mix and match the stone blocks to create interesting textured designs that blend well with other garden features such as trellis work or planters.


To maximize sandstone paving’s versatility in your outdoor applications, however, you need to ensure that the block’s color and texture are right for the application. For instance, sandstone pavers are ideal for most water features and feature locations where you want something with a slightly more natural feel and tone. However, if you’re applying the stone in the face of a water feature, you may want to opt for a slightly lighter stone that’ll complement the setting rather than compete with it. It’s also important to choose the block’s size and the roughness of it correctly for the best possible finish and weathering.


If you have decided that sandstone paving is right for your driveway, patio, or garden, then you’ll probably be ready to start laying it down. Luckily, there is a simple way to help here to make things go much easier. In this simple-to-follow comparison article, you will learn the major difference between sandstone paving and limestone paving (the two most common natural stone paving slabs) in only minutes. It’s time to get down to business.


Limestone Paving


There are a few different reasons why people choose sandstone paving for their driveway or patio. One reason is that compared to limestone or marble, Indian sandstone paving is less expensive. And, of course, limestone or marble is beautiful to look at, but it will cost you an arm and a leg to have it installed. On top of that, limestone or marble is porous, so you will commonly find water seeping through and possibly staining your stones, which can also make them difficult to clean. Depending on the driveway’s size, it can take weeks to create enough pressure to drive in all of the sand to have it bond with the loose dirt.


Sandstone Paving

Once you decide that Indian sandstone paving is the right choice for your paving needs, it is time to start thinking about how you will apply it. This type of stone is naturally darker than most natural stones, so applying a colored sealant is often required to make it appear as nice as it did when it was newly laid. Since sandstone is quite porous when it first comes out of the ground, the sealant must be applied very slowly and let dry completely before applying more. Once you see that the color has completely set, you can put another coat on top to further protect the newly added color.

Understanding garden edging the easiest way

Understanding garden edging the easiest way

Garden edging helps enclose your garden so that you can more effectively use your garden space. Edging is very effective in providing visual continuity and separates various areas of your garden from one another. The choice of materials for garden edging can be challenging, and one of the most important elements of good garden edging is the simplicity of its installation. Simple garden edging enables you to build the edging to fit your garden rather than making assumptions about how it should be constructed.


Trenches are the most common garden edging tools. However, there are other options available to make your work go further and give a better finish. Cutting a narrow, 4-inch deep trench along your garden bed edge with one sloping edge across the bed will provide excellent garden edging. Snap the edges together, drop the garden edging to the trench, and then lay it across the flat edge with a masonry sand blade.


If your garden bed is not straight, plant a border at each side using landscape fabric or an appropriate plant bed border selection. Border material will also prevent edging problems as the garden bed’s soil level will be higher than the border surface. Plant a border on the bottom of the bed, starting in the middle and tacking to the ends. Mulch will insulate the soil and will also help keep weed growth to the minimum.


What are the popular edging materials?


Gravel, rock, and brick are popular garden edging materials. Gravel is ideal for keeping the appearance of grass intact and is relatively easy to install. One disadvantage of using gravel is that it does not hold water well and will wash out quickly when it rains. Rock is a good garden edging material, but because it takes time to set, it can be problematic to lay in an area that is prone to be flooded. However, when the rock is properly set, it creates a natural-looking border and is a strong enough border to support heavier plant roots.


A very nice garden edging idea is to plant sturdy climbers such as wire, gravel, and bricks. These items will not wash out easily, and they provide a firm support edge that will last through the test of time. They are also available in various colours and styles and will coordinate well with any yard. The problem with this type of garden edging is that it may not hold long and will eventually need to be replaced. A better choice is to make use of metal landscape edging.


Metal landscape edging comes in various colours and styles, including classic rectangular, rounded, and angular cuts. Metal can also be shaped to mimic natural materials like stone, bricks, pavers, and river rocks. This is a popular choice when creating a design, but it can also be expensive. Fortunately, a do-it-yourself landscape border project is possible, and here’s how to make use of your backyard’s excess space to create a pleasing border without blowing your budget.


One way to create a natural yard’s appearance is to line a garden bed with long narrow stones. These large stones can serve as decorative accents and add interest to your garden bed. Because these garden edging looks like natural materials, they will withstand the test of time and don’t need to be replaced as often as other types of garden edging. Plus, they’re beautiful!


Queensland Kit Homes

Queensland Kit Homes

Within a day or a few days, you will have the exterior of your house completed. That’s how fast kit homes in Queensland are built. This is what is daily increasing the number of homeowners preferring this kind of home. When it comes to the interior, it will be done for three months, and you will have your house within five to nine months.

This can never happen when working on a stick-built building. It is complex enough for any contractor to build it at a faster pace. Kits homes in Queensland are also known for being eco-friendly. This is because of the materials used in building the house like timber, steel, and glass, among others.

Some contractors will advise you to have a recycling process for your water and use water harvesting techniques for the rainwater. All these are aimed at conserving the environment. You will also enjoy the easy customisation of your house at almost no cost.

However, before you kick start your purchase of kit homes in Qld, you will need to consider some factors to ensure that you have no problem with Queensland authorities as you mount your home. So we will take you through some of those factors.


Things to Consider Before Having Your Kit Home

1. Know the building restrictions in Queensland

You will notice that, although you may be owning land, there are certain things you cannot do in that particular land. So what do authorities allow in your land, and what do they not allow? Knowing this will save you from getting into the wrong side of authority. However, most parts of Qld allow kit homes to be erected, but check before bringing in the building materials.

2. Locate your water source

Where are you going to get the water from? Are there restrictions from Qld authorities concerning water? Knowing that is crucial because you cannot live in a house with no water installed in it.

3. Understand the climate of Queensland

If you have stayed long enough in Qld, you will know the climate pattern of the region. It is good you consider the region’s climatic condition for the last twenty years to get a clear picture of what to expect. This should give you the rainfall to expect, the temperature, humidity, winds, among other conditions. Knowing the climatic condition will enable you to choose the right building materials. If you expect heavy rainfall and strong winds, you will build using stronger materials.

4. The safety of the place

We have witnessed wildfires in Australia, consuming even the animals in the forest. You will need to consider such factors and ensure that your kit home is in a secure and safe area from bush fires. Also, ensure that you have not built in flooding regions of Qld.

5. The cost

This will determine the kind of materials that you are going to use in your construction. Some materials like steel and glass will be expensive and will need a bigger budget. However, always stick to your budget but get a kit home that is of excellent quality.


There are many factors to consider, including orientation, utility access, and social amenities before settling for building your kit home. If you consider all the factors and weigh them properly, to build using a kit home is a great way to own a home faster with fewer complications.


Roles commercial architects are expected to do

Roles commercial architects are expected to do

It’s not entirely different working with commercial architects than with residential architects. However, the more complex and large-scale projects such as hotels, shopping malls, offices and factories, sports facilities, hospitals, and other commercial structures handled by commercial architects make all the difference.

Developers, like homeowners, also have to do the right research for them to get the best commercial architects to design their projects.

The multiple roles expected from a commercial architect include:

Initial discussion of the project

Arranging an initial discussion with a commercial architect is a must for you to see if he/she is the right fit for the project. The initial consultation between a client and a commercial architect involves the project’s requirements.

Some of these requirements that need to be discussed include structural features of the proposed commercial building. This could include elements such as parking areas, elevators, bathroom facilities for guests and employees, and cafeterias.

A site visit will be one of the requirements a commercial architect will initiate if the project involves a pre-existing structure. This will allow the architect to determine whether a new building needs to be constructed or make it possible to do remodeling or renovation. Moving on to the next stage happens only when the client and architect agree on the feasibility of the project.

Information gathering and development of the design

All pertinent information that plays significant roles in the project is gathered by the commercial architect. This includes requirements for submission of a permit, past permits, if any, zoning maps, data of past parcel, and a lot more.

Being equipped with information allows the commercial architect to make some adjustments to the project plans. It also allows the architect to determine the aesthetics, timeline, and budget.

An initial sketch will be executed by the architect for the client to review. Scale models and detailed drawings are developed when it’s approved by the client. Some of the professionals that architects need to seek further design input include ventilating experts, interior and lighting designers, and electrical and structural engineers.

Often, the design challenges of commercial buildings and structures can be demanding and unique. Working closely with the other construction professionals enables a commercial architect to come up with a proposed design.

The proposed design is then changed to one with detailed specifications upon approval from the client.

Produce diagrams and jumpstart the permit process

Arranging a meeting with the proper building authorities is the next step a commercial architect does before construction. The meeting enables the architect to confirm the zoning and building codes with the proper authorities.

A diagram is created by the architect showing all the project’s elements that includes building and zoning codes as well. Diagramming the entire project allows the members of the construction team to address potential issues as well as provide them the perfect time to offer solutions. A schematic design is then developed from the diagramming.

The schematic design evolves to permit documents and submitted to the proper authorities.

A commercial project involves an intricate maze of stages that only a reputable and experienced commercial architect can handle right. The complexities of constructing a commercial structure require the services of other professionals on top of the commercial architect. Learn more about us by contacting us at commercial architects thequinlangroup.com.



Commercial sparkling water tap- is sparkling water good for you?

Scientifically sparkling water is known as carbonated water. The presence of bubbles in the water is due
to the carbon di oxide gas which is dissolved through technology into the water. Water is filtered
through a carbon dioxide filter which helps dissolve the bubbles into the water.
It is a beverage which is quite refreshing and is free from the sugars which are found in the usual fizzy
drinks. This makes it a healthier alternative. If you are trying to lose weight you can benefit from
drinking sparkling water.
The sparkling water tap can be used in the homes as well as in commercial spaces. If you are interested
in installing a commercial sparkling water tap you may need to talk to a reliable supplier.
Should you invest in commercial sparkling water tap?
Initially it was believed that sparkling water is bad for health. There was a common misconception that it
erodes the enamel of the teeth and reduced the bone density. There is no fat, sugar or carbohydrates
present in sparkling water. This it is free from calories It can also help you lose weight in the long run.
And you are feeling all hot and bothered you may want to reach for that can of soda. However with a
sparkling water tap right in front, you can avoid going for the sugary drinks.
Sparkling water does not present any threat to the tooth enamel. In fact it can be safely assumed that it
is much better than drinking sodas which contain tons of sugar and are actually bad for your teeth.
The benefits of drinking sparkling water
There are quiet a few advantages of drinking sparkling water. These include the following:
• It can help keep your hydration levels to an optimum. Initially it was considered that sparkling
water could make you feel de hydrated. However this is not the case. There is enough research
out there which shows that sparkling water can actually help keep you hydrated
• The presence of carbon dioxide in the sparkling water makes your stomach feel full. This in turn
sends a message to your brain that you are feeling full. You don’t feel hungry and therefore eat
• For people who suffer from constipation sparkling water can bring a lot of relief. It helps
improve the bowel movements.
• It is quite refreshing and can actually replace soft drinks which contain loads of sugar and have
empty calories.
• Last but not the least sparkling water looks quite fancy and is a great way of impressing people.
If you are fond of drinking sparkling water you should definitely consider installing a commercial
sparkling water tap. Instead of having to buy tons of bottles of seltzer water you would benefit from the
water produced in the tap. Keep in mind that you may have to replace the filtration system every time
it runs out of carbonated water.
There are many commercial sparkling water systems available in the market. Make sure you pick the right one.

Luxury Home Builders

Luxury Home Builders

With the increased level of living standards across Australia, many people are turning to luxury homes as part of their living or as a way of investing. You could be wondering how owners of luxury homes earn. Well, in Australia, especially in cities that are near the beach, there are a huge number of tourists.

As a visitor or tourist in such a city, you want to live in a safe place that has guaranteed security 24/7. The best place happens to be luxury homes. You will be surprised to know that some luxury homes have better services than most five star hotels.

So instead of spending thousands of dollars in such expensive hotels, you can just stay in a luxury home and use the bucks to visit the many awesome sceneries in Australia. Due to the high demand for these homes, many people and investors in Australia are looking for professional luxury home builders to do the job for them.

To be honest with you, luxury home builders in Australia are never easy to find, and that means you need to do some research before coming up with the best. But the truth remains that there are great luxury home builders in Australia that are known for their great expertise.

But how do you recognise them amid many home builders in your town? Just relax because we have done the research for you and ended up with some of the factors you need to consider before settling for a luxury home builder. So let’s explore together.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Luxury Home Builder in Australia

1. Experienced

Isn’t this the most obvious factor that you need to consider in your search? Definitely, it is. A good luxury home builder is exp erienced in their job. Since they have worked on the job for years, they tend to have great accuracy and templates of diverse designs to incorporate in their building. So ensure that they can provide you with a list of many companies or people they have worked with as your reference. This will help you see their experience.

2. Friendly

You cannot work with someone unfriendly. This includes their workmen and employers. A great luxury home builder in Australia is friendly to their clients all through the process. The first time you visit them and the way you are treated should tell you what kind of people they are.

3. Affordable

Although you don’t expect to pay peanuts to luxury home builders, they should be considerate in their pricing. Remember, you are running on a budget, and that means sticking within the budget even when hiring the company. A good luxury home builder should be relatively cheap.

4. Reputable

Can they show you their past works and how proud their clients are? What are the testimonials and references saying? What are people in society saying about them? This is where you need to ensure that the company you are choosing is reputable and has a great image even in the entire country of Australia.

5. Location

A company with a physical location is usually the best. You should not trust most virtual luxury home builders because a good number of them do not even exist. They are the ones that will ask you for an upfront payment before they deliver the services. A good luxury home builder has a physical location and will never ask you for money.

The above are some of the things to check out among many others.


What We Offer


Our continuous evolution has brought us here, too, to Post Works. Since 2014, following the specific training on information modeling,

Planning & Development

we have equipped our team outlining the roles of Post Works manager, Post Works coordinators and Post Works specialists.


A structure that allows us to think big and produce integrated and ambitious projects.

Project Management

We design quickly and intuitively. We are attentive to what happens outside our scenario and we know how to listen.

Structural Engineering

And at the end of this path, marked by poetry, technological research, the choice of natural materials and too many coffees, we are satisfied that we have opened a breach of amazement and beauty.

Interior Design

Architecture is sustainable when it meets all the needs of the client and the current and future user, saving precious natural resources for our planet.

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We selected Jennifer Weiss Architecture because of Jennifer’s rigorous design background and education, and for her construction management skills. She and her team exceeded our expectations, and emerged as leaders of our project’s multi-layered team.

The challenges of our project that Jennifer and her team inherited were significant, and yet they were able to not only manage the project successfully and efficiently, but also with great success with regards to the design, permitting, and building a team of the best in their industries.  Including: obtaining a challenging permit in a few months instead of years as quoted by others; generating and developing inspired, rigorous and informed design; and superb project management.

“I have followed the work of Jennifer Weiss with interest and admiration from the moment we recruited her to join us at SOM upon graduation from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Jennifer’s conceptual design talent was immediately obvious and the rigor and intelligence with which she approached her work in our design studios consistently impressive. Her early promise as an architect has been more than fulfilled within the context of her own practice, Jennifer Weiss Architecture. Jennifer’s work is mature, elegant and beautiful with not a false note to be found. She is one of San Francisco’s great design talents.” 

Donna Smith, Monarch Social

“JWA has my full endorsement as an outstanding architecture firm. My company has been involved in hundreds of construction projects over the past 18 years and we have worked with many highly regarded architects. I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Weiss and her team on 10 projects over the past 10 years. In all instances, Jennifer and her team have been incredibly responsive when it comes to providing detailed drawings and information to support the project. Jennifer is very organized, extremely intelligent and has an amazing eye for modern design”

Dave Block, Bloom Lead Gen

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