Double glazed windows are made up of insulated glass. The unit is completely assembled in a factory setting. The window comprises of two panes of glass. This allows each pane to differ from the other and provide insulation which prevents loss of energy trough single glazed windows. On the other hand retrofit double glazing simply refers to adding a secondary layer of glass to an already existing window.

Sometimes a thin layer of gas exists between both the windows. This makes the glazing even more energy efficient. There are double glazed windows with enhanced thermal performance. There are many choices for home owners who have a varied budget.

There are several reasons why someone would choose retrofit double glazing in Sydney. Some of these include the following:

  • Double glazed windows are quite energy efficient. A single pane window is not the best way to keep your home insulated. In fact there is so much loss of energy that the utility bills keep mounting year after year. When you install double glazed windows in your home you can rest assured that there is as little energy loss as possible. In fact there has been research which proves that using these windows can reduce energy loss by 33%.
  • Since the loss of energy is negligible, this can help save up on the electricity bills as well. The first thing which most people notice when they install double glazed windows is that the temperature in their homes remain constant. Even if the air conditioner is switched off the room tends to be less warm. This is because the cooled air from the air conditioner keeps circulating inside without escaping through the window. The insulation helps keep the temperature constant. This also helps lower the impact on the heating and cooling units. The units don’t have to work too hard and therefore have a longer shelf life.
  • Double glazed windows can help improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. These windows come in a variety of stunning designs which can be fitted into both aluminum and timber frames. The best thing about these window frames is that these can be color matched to blend in with the existing materials in your home.
  • Retro fitting is a more economical option. Adding completely new double glazed windows might be out of reach of most homeowners. However retro fitting can help save some cash but provide the same benefits as double glazed windows. Its fast and unobtrusive process. Plus it will be your home more comfortable the year round.

Those with older homes should make sure they consider retrofit double glazing in Melbourne. This would help conserve energy. Adding a new second glazing is often a better option. It requires less manual labor and is more budget friendly. However one thing which you should consider when going for retrofit glazing is that the window panes should be in good condition and should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of a double window.

Make sure you hire a professional.