The design of the house is certainly the most complex theme of architecture: the one with which the greatest architects confronted and clashed, sometimes producing authentic masterpieces, other clamorous falls. However, the definition of a house is not a process that the architect does alone: ​​similarly to a dance is an operation that the designer, on the other hand, goes hand in hand with the client, with whom we need to establish a dialogue that is as open as possible. fertile. In this sense it can be said that a great architect must above all be able to listen, while the best client must have the ability to transmit their needs and desires in an effective and articulated way.

Of course, the reverse option is also true: a great architect must have the ability to express, with his own architecture, and an excellent client, that of receiving and accepting the best solutions offered to him. Therefore, designing a home is an operation that, in part, each inhabitant’s future already performs in the first person, taking charge of deepening the specific steps that any planning operation carried out according to the rules of art should involve. From this point of view, commissioning a house is also an act of research, aimed at identifying all the specifics that will interact in the development of the project and to analyze the weights and influences that they will have in carrying out the work.

A client is therefore a designer in a translated sense, and as a designer he must carefully consider the main design parameters: exogenous and endogenous. The first will be mainly related to the boundary conditions that will be the background to the construction of the new house, while the others will mainly have to do with the specific architectural features of the house itself. So let’s find out, point by point, which are the aspects to consider when we set off on the great project adventure that is the project of our home .

Houses in the style of RRJ Arquitectos
RRJ Arquitectos
The first step to consider in a house project is the ownership of land. Building land is increasingly scarce, especially in Western countries (and even more so in Italy), so their identification must be carefully considered as an important form of investment. In particular, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the chosen land not only in the immediate future of the real estate transaction, but also in the future, carefully assessing the possible urban developments that may affect the chosen area in the future.

In the image: a house designed by the Lisbon studio RRJ Arquitectos .