Thinking about painting your home’s exterior? The common problem people face is choosing the right color scheme. You may be wondering whether you should go for hand painting or choose roller painting for a more professional look. Should you hire a painter who would carry out priming before they start the paint job? The house painters in Melbourne, have the following words of advice for anyone looking to have their homes painted.

Always start with clean walls

When you hire a professional to paint your homes, make sure that they start with a clean slate. That is they should prep the walls and make sure that all the left over paint is removed properly. Doing so would ensure that the end finish is smooth and free from cracks. Areas which are too shiny need to be dulled using sand paper. Also power washing the walls is a good idea. Before you call the painters, make sure you carry out a power wash to get rid of oil stains or any other residue from the debris. Well prepped walls always give the perfect finish.

Identify the perfect color palette

What you would need to consider is the material from which the house has been built. The roofing should be taken into consideration, whether it’s made of brick or stone. For bricks choose earth tones which would complement it perfectly. Shades of brown and terra cotta would be just about perfect. For wood, go for shades of beige or any other shade which is neutral to accentuate the natural design of the wood.

Choosing the right paint

It is crucial that you choose paint which is perfect for your walls. A professional house painter Melbourne would first carry out a patch test to ensure that the paint would look good on the walls and then only carry out the job after an assessment. Also using a primer before starting the paint can make the end result look professional and without any flaws. Primer prevents the paint from peeling off and makes it adhere better to the walls. It can be of benefit for people who live in extreme weather conditions and dulling paint is a normal complaint.

Make sure you consider the weather

The weather determines how well the paint holds on to the walls. It’s better to not paint the house if temperature falls below 50 degrees or if it’s too foggy outside. Reschedule the paint if the weather forecasts is of rain.

Hire professional house painters in Melbourne

In order to ensure a perfect paint job you need to hire professional painters in Melbourne. Choose someone who is known for their reliability and great service. They should use the right quality paints to ensure that your home looks great even a year after its been painted. Of course you would need to carry out annual maintenance as well. Hiring the right painters is crucial and would actually make for a great paint job.