There are two categories of air conditioning; commercial air conditioning and residential air conditioning. Commercial air conditioning entails the use of large scale air conditioning equipment and machinery while residential air conditioning involves the use of small scale air conditioning machines and devices. This an investment you should give a well thought out considerations because its economic benefits are long-term and can’t be felt immediately once installed. When you have made up your mind to install an air conditioner for your residence or industry or commercial, you should contact air conditioning installation companies with a reputation if you want first-class services and maintenance of the systems that will last long enough for you to reap the benefits of air conditioning.

Air Conditioning products

Whether you are air conditioning your home residence or your commercial premises, there are products designed to meet your needs. Plus, air conditioners with economic sense in terms of power consumption and efficiency. If you are lucky to have consulted with the seasoned air conditioning professionals, which most of them are, your prospective air conditioners will be future and will guarantee you ten years plus perfect functioning and conditioning without flaws.

  • Air conditioning options include the following options
  • Single and multi-split air conditioning systems
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Cassette style
  • Ceiling, floor or wall mounted air conditioners
  • Bulkhead systems
  • Complete HVAC systems

Ducted air conditioning

They are suitable for cooling or heating multiple rooms or a building at once. The condensers and fans outside the building pump in air through an air duct that controls air supply throughout the rooms.

Split systems

They are often wall-mounted or fitted to ceilings or floors. The outdoor extraction is placed outside of the wall. They are suitable for cooling or heating single rooms.

Cassette style

As already stated that there is a huge range of air conditioning systems, cassette types are among the top list air conditioning and are installed in a variety of settings like offices and residential homes. They ensure that conditioned air flows throughout the rooms with their powerful fans located on the ceilings, therefore do not consume a lot of space in our rooms. Its condensers are located outside the building; therefore, little noise is felt from inside the room. Cassettes are programmed with a thermostat to regulate the speed with which the fans rotate. This benefit allows the users to regulate the room temperatures; hence, they can save the amount of energy consumed in the air conditioning and with great efficiency.

Bulkhead systems

Bulkhead systems are ideal for conditioning places that need discreet air conditioning. Their indoor units are fitted into the ceilings where suction and discharge grilles are visible a property that leaves your room with enough space for your aesthetics, decorations and furniture. They are discrete with its quiet operations that leave a minimum impact on your room’s acoustics.

Complete HVAC systems

Complete HVAC systems are efficient and cost-effective systems with reliability and easy to use and maintain, with features fully optimised to your air conditioning requirements. They perform all air conditioning functions like heating, ventilation and air conditioning designed to have one controllable interface so that you do not have to go, different controllers when you want to adjust the air conditioning systems. They also include air cleaning and filtration with air cleaning. Its heating is done by the furnace.

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