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Interior Design and Strategy

Landscape Architecture

Urban Design

We design schools, gyms, public buildings.
We care about the fact that these not only serve, but are designed to become indispensable and valuable for those who live there. We design quickly and intuitively. We are attentive to what happens outside our scenario and we know how to listen. And at the end of this path, marked by poetry, technological research, the choice of natural materials and too many coffees, we are satisfied that we have opened a breach of amazement and beauty.

Architectural Services


Preliminary, definitive and executive design, Coordination between professionals


Specifications, verification of technical compliance, cost control, testing


CILA, SCIA, Building permits, Landscape permits, Attic recoveries


Cadastral surveys, variations, verification of amnesty practices


Architecture is sustainable when it meets all the needs of the client and the current and future user, saving precious natural resources for our planet. We tackle each project with the aim of minimizing its economic and environmental impact, favoring the wellbeing of the occupants. Natural materials, efficient plants and renewable energy are our strategies.
We are a LEED® oriented team!

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House Painter Melbourne- Things to keep in mind before painting your house

House Painter Melbourne- Things to keep in mind before painting your house

Thinking about painting your home’s exterior? The common problem people face is choosing the right color scheme. You may be wondering whether you should go for hand painting or choose roller painting for a more professional look. Should you hire a painter who would carry out priming before they start the paint job? The house painters in Melbourne, have the following words of advice for anyone looking to have their homes painted.

Always start with clean walls

When you hire a professional to paint your homes, make sure that they start with a clean slate. That is they should prep the walls and make sure that all the left over paint is removed properly. Doing so would ensure that the end finish is smooth and free from cracks. Areas which are too shiny need to be dulled using sand paper. Also power washing the walls is a good idea. Before you call the painters, make sure you carry out a power wash to get rid of oil stains or any other residue from the debris. Well prepped walls always give the perfect finish.

Identify the perfect color palette

What you would need to consider is the material from which the house has been built. The roofing should be taken into consideration, whether it’s made of brick or stone. For bricks choose earth tones which would complement it perfectly. Shades of brown and terra cotta would be just about perfect. For wood, go for shades of beige or any other shade which is neutral to accentuate the natural design of the wood.

Choosing the right paint

It is crucial that you choose paint which is perfect for your walls. A professional house painter Melbourne would first carry out a patch test to ensure that the paint would look good on the walls and then only carry out the job after an assessment. Also using a primer before starting the paint can make the end result look professional and without any flaws. Primer prevents the paint from peeling off and makes it adhere better to the walls. It can be of benefit for people who live in extreme weather conditions and dulling paint is a normal complaint.

Make sure you consider the weather

The weather determines how well the paint holds on to the walls. It’s better to not paint the house if temperature falls below 50 degrees or if it’s too foggy outside. Reschedule the paint if the weather forecasts is of rain.

Hire professional house painters in Melbourne

In order to ensure a perfect paint job you need to hire professional painters in Melbourne. Choose someone who is known for their reliability and great service. They should use the right quality paints to ensure that your home looks great even a year after its been painted. Of course you would need to carry out annual maintenance as well. Hiring the right painters is crucial and would actually make for a great paint job.


Real Estate Agents in Hervey Bay

Real Estate Agents in Hervey Bay

A fantastic land operator is significant to guarantee that the path toward obtaining or advertising a private or business property run effectively. You need to discover a specialist with radiant capabilities and furthermore, someone with a lot of experience with regards to a property company, either the vendor’s operator or the buyer’s operator. You have to dependably be vigilant for notice and signs that a real estate agent is someone trustworthy, transparent, reliable and dependable at all times. Few out of every odd agent out there will be the absolute best for you. When you are looking for Hervey Bay homes for sale, you need to ask the help of Hervey Bay real estate agents with the following qualities, which will be a means to know what is best for you when looking for the perfect land specialists.


  1. Real estate agents in Hervey Bay are accredited and legally listed or affiliated with property owners in Australia: You need to make a rundown of specialists who have been working in deals, dealings, just as contracts in private or business property organisation. The ongoing postings capacity is especially valuable, and you can regularly discover increasingly exhaustive data on delegates through a land web page. Mastermind an agenda of at least five top rated operators you have an enthusiasm for talking with.


  1. Genuine real estate agents answer even your difficult questions and satisfy all your concerns about buying or investing on property: The accompanying move to make in the wake of making a rundown of specialists is having a meeting with them. When meeting these operators, the underlying inquiry you pose is the time allotment they have been managing contracts, and some of the deals they have undertaken as courses of action for customers. You need to ask likewise to what extent they have been working in your general vicinity or on the off chance that they live in your area.


  1. They have a good track record with their past clients: It is essential to connect with a portion of their past clients. Soliciting a rundown of references in the wake of counselling with a specialist. Call the customers to ensure they have remarkable assessments. The best option is to approach somebody you know for a referral.

  1. They are undeniably, academically inclined and could show you proof of their accreditations and licenses: Consult your state’s overseeing body to realise whether an operator you are contemplating is authorised just as or has any punishing exercises or issues. Check with local registarts to approve each specialist you meet has a legitimate license to purchase and sell realty in your area. The Association of Real Estate Certificate Legislation Officials (ARELLO) has an accessible record that licenses clients to approve any specialist’s grant or enlistment.


  1. Real estate agents should have been conferred master grants and respects: Examine a property’s site just as a resume for honours, praises, just as different signs of affirmation. Search for honours like “Land proficient of the Year” which is constantly allowed by the state or nearby office of the VAR. One that recommends something is “Real estate agent of the Year,” which is granted by the state or neighbourhood part of the NAR.


  1. They are the talk of the town from your companions, partners, and even those who are referred to you by family members and nearby relatives: Members of the family and dear companions are well on the way to give you genuine evaluations of their involvement with a specific specialist they received or offered private or business properties to, connect with them.


Trendy Mural Wallpaper

Trendy Mural Wallpaper

Our cavemen ancestors did it first when they created wall art to cover the boring and dull walls of their caves. From that time on, murals have become the way of life for them. It was their way of telling the story of their lives.

Since that time, walls of streets, temples, libraries, palaces, and cathedrals have sported murals. Lately, murals have become the trendy decor to perk up dull and boring walls of offices and homes.

Murus is the Latin word for wall. This is probably where the mural word is derived from. Today, any artwork depiction on a ceiling, wall, and other flat or curved permanent surfaces define the word mural.

Famous masters such as Picasso, Da Vinci, Dali, and Michelangelo are some of the artists that have used murals to express their art. Yet, it can become expensive to have a mural painted on the wall of a room in the home.

The creation of mural wallpaper provides the perfect aesthetic and inexpensive solution to liven up the walls of any room in the home or business. The wow factor delivered by the mural wallpaper is the next best alternative from a real painted wall mural.


Material options for your mural wallpaper


The popularity of mural wallpaper has paved the way for design companies to come up with different types of mural wallpaper. This is because walls in the homes and offices are not created equal.


Using this mural material gives you options to:

  • Have it installed outdoors or indoors
  • Easily install as it can stick to flat surfaces that are non-porous.
  • Wrap around poles and corners.
  • Use as a ceiling mural.
  • Reposition, remove, and reuse any time


Control Tack with Over Laminate

  • A dynamic mural that can be used either indoors or outdoors
  • Tough and durable
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear


Wall Vinyl

  • Works for textured indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Easy to install on tile, concrete block, industrial stucco, and brick walls

What a mural wallpaper can do for a business


A business has to show clients and customers what it has. One of the best ways to attract customer attention is by using mural wallpaper in a business.


Mural wallpaper works better than painting

Painting the walls can be a real pain as it takes days to get it done. Then there’s the dry time to wait out. A wall also has to be even and smooth before it can be painted on. Not so with mural wallpaper. Murals work with all indoor and outdoor wall surfaces and textures.


Mural wallpaper gives aesthetic value

The bold aesthetic statement murals give to business makes them a unique kind of decor. Logos and brands highlighted in the murals are sure to create an unforgettable impact on customers and clients.


Mural wallpaper can be placed anywhere

There’s no limit to using mural wallpaper in a store or company. They are not confined to just the reception area or the sales floor. The lobby or conference room can be jazzed up with murals. A boring corridor or even a personal space can be given statements of their own with the use of murals.

Are you looking for the right mural wallpaper that can enhance the walls of your home or business? Or do you need answers to FAQs about mural wallpapers? Look for latest mural wallpaper that is available to give your home a modern touch.










Advantages Of Hiring An Architect Who Has Previous Experience

Advantages Of Hiring An Architect Who Has Previous Experience

When you have finally decided to build your home the next step is to think about the design and functionality. Majority of your time and memories will be made inside the four walls of your home. Having these thoughts in your mind it is important that your home reflects the lifestyle of yours. Building a house of your dreams or purchasing a place that is worth living is a huge step. This process can be overwhelming and filled with many strangers to deal with so this is the point where you decide to hire someone. Choosing the right person to deal with your project is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It is very important to hire northern beaches architects with good experience because when you’re going to convey your thoughts to the architect , they will connect all of the details together into a cohesive package.

Great understanding of yours needs

One thing an experienced architect  need to do is to have a good understanding of the wishes of their customers. Without understanding the demands it will be hard to build something that will inspire you. An experienced architect will first get to know your personality and your lifestyle. They will listen to the customer and will make an interpretation of their vision into an architectural expression.

Budgeting and material selections

The level of quality and finish of materials can generally influence the final cost of construction. At this point an experienced architect can help you reduce the cost which will fit in your budget  because they have great knowledge about the quality and quantity needed for the construction.


The benefit of hiring an architect lies in their negotiation abilities. The architect handles the negotiation with the contractor.

Avoiding design error

Errors are incorporated due to the lack of experience.  Preparing exceptionally detailed and accurate designs particularly reduces errors. An Architect will make sure that the finished project is designed with least errors as they have better understanding of these processes than anyone else involved.

Trusted advisor

Trusted advisor

Another great benefit of hiring an experienced architect is their advice. Since they are well aware about different areas of the building process, they are usually the best advisor.  They will take care of your interest throughout the project.

They will make your life easier

Building is a long and complex procedure. Hiring an experienced architect can help you keeping the peace of mind as they take all the work load on them and make sure that their team members, including them  are working efficiently. They help you getting through complex procedure. It will be their responsibility to facilitate you in planning, designing, implementation and communication so that a good end product is achieved.

Starting a Building Construction

Starting a Building Construction

How to choose an architect
In the construction of a house, the architect’s choice is of fundamental importance, and it is necessary to dedicate time and effort to this task in order to avoid finding himself not to share the choices or the style that is proper to the architect chosen.

First of all it is good to make sure that the chosen professional is enrolled in the Ticino and Swiss registers of engineers and architects ( OTIA and SIA ), see what he has done (maybe on his website) and then meet him, to understand if there is agreement and if they have compatible ideas regarding style and functionality.

The SIA is the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects, and is the professional association of reference for qualified specialists in the field of construction, with over sixteen thousand members active in the field of engineering and architecture.

It is a good source of information regarding the work of architects, and offers several opportunities to see the works they have done. The SIA Days are held every two years in May; in this event the doors of many houses created by the architects who choose to participate are opened. During these days it is possible to visit the houses and to see the explanations of those who designed them.

There is also a catalog, which can be obtained by requesting the SIA secretariat, where the work of various architects is shown.

The costs of the architect
Regarding architects’ fees, there are two different methods of calculation:

calculation based on the actual hours used by the architect (method usually used for small projects or projects where the end of the works is not clear);
calculation of the percentage based on the total cost of the work (useful for estimating what will be the architect’s final fee).
In this case, too, the SIA helps us by providing the architects’ rate card and the explanation of the calculation methods at the cost of CHF 180.-.

But how much does an architect cost per hour? According to information from the KBOB (the Conference for the Coordination of Construction and Building Organizations of Public Procurers), the indicative cost is between CHF 140 and CHF 180 per hour.

It is also possible to get an idea of ​​the architect’s cost for the construction of a single-family home for a family of four. In these cases, the total cost of the architect’s work (which includes the three phases we have seen above) is usually between 10% and 15% of the total construction costs.

This means that, for example, for a house whose total cost of construction is CHF 1Mio., The architect’s total fee will be between CHF 100,000 and CHF 150,000. On the other hand, as regards the general project, it represents 9% of the architect’s total work; in our example, the value of this specific task is between CHF 9,000 and CHF 13,500.-. Of course there are many variables depending on the architect, the project and the value of the built.

How to design a house: a guide from A to Z!

The design of the house is certainly the most complex theme of architecture: the one with which the greatest architects confronted and clashed, sometimes producing authentic masterpieces, other clamorous falls. However, the definition of a house is not a process that the architect does alone: ​​similarly to a dance is an operation that the designer, on the other hand, goes hand in hand with the client, with whom we need to establish a dialogue that is as open as possible. fertile. In this sense it can be said that a great architect must above all be able to listen, while the best client must have the ability to transmit their needs and desires in an effective and articulated way.

Of course, the reverse option is also true: a great architect must have the ability to express, with his own architecture, and an excellent client, that of receiving and accepting the best solutions offered to him. Therefore, designing a home is an operation that, in part, each inhabitant’s future already performs in the first person, taking charge of deepening the specific steps that any planning operation carried out according to the rules of art should involve. From this point of view, commissioning a house is also an act of research, aimed at identifying all the specifics that will interact in the development of the project and to analyze the weights and influences that they will have in carrying out the work.

A client is therefore a designer in a translated sense, and as a designer he must carefully consider the main design parameters: exogenous and endogenous. The first will be mainly related to the boundary conditions that will be the background to the construction of the new house, while the others will mainly have to do with the specific architectural features of the house itself. So let’s find out, point by point, which are the aspects to consider when we set off on the great project adventure that is the project of our home .

Houses in the style of RRJ Arquitectos
RRJ Arquitectos
The first step to consider in a house project is the ownership of land. Building land is increasingly scarce, especially in Western countries (and even more so in Italy), so their identification must be carefully considered as an important form of investment. In particular, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the chosen land not only in the immediate future of the real estate transaction, but also in the future, carefully assessing the possible urban developments that may affect the chosen area in the future.

In the image: a house designed by the Lisbon studio RRJ Arquitectos .

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Our continuous evolution has brought us here, too, to Post Works. Since 2014, following the specific training on information modeling,

Planning & Development

we have equipped our team outlining the roles of Post Works manager, Post Works coordinators and Post Works specialists.


A structure that allows us to think big and produce integrated and ambitious projects.

Project Management

We design quickly and intuitively. We are attentive to what happens outside our scenario and we know how to listen.

Structural Engineering

And at the end of this path, marked by poetry, technological research, the choice of natural materials and too many coffees, we are satisfied that we have opened a breach of amazement and beauty.

Interior Design

Architecture is sustainable when it meets all the needs of the client and the current and future user, saving precious natural resources for our planet.

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We selected Jennifer Weiss Architecture because of Jennifer’s rigorous design background and education, and for her construction management skills. She and her team exceeded our expectations, and emerged as leaders of our project’s multi-layered team.

The challenges of our project that Jennifer and her team inherited were significant, and yet they were able to not only manage the project successfully and efficiently, but also with great success with regards to the design, permitting, and building a team of the best in their industries.  Including: obtaining a challenging permit in a few months instead of years as quoted by others; generating and developing inspired, rigorous and informed design; and superb project management.

“I have followed the work of Jennifer Weiss with interest and admiration from the moment we recruited her to join us at SOM upon graduation from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Jennifer’s conceptual design talent was immediately obvious and the rigor and intelligence with which she approached her work in our design studios consistently impressive. Her early promise as an architect has been more than fulfilled within the context of her own practice, Jennifer Weiss Architecture. Jennifer’s work is mature, elegant and beautiful with not a false note to be found. She is one of San Francisco’s great design talents.” 

Donna Smith, Monarch Social

“JWA has my full endorsement as an outstanding architecture firm. My company has been involved in hundreds of construction projects over the past 18 years and we have worked with many highly regarded architects. I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Weiss and her team on 10 projects over the past 10 years. In all instances, Jennifer and her team have been incredibly responsive when it comes to providing detailed drawings and information to support the project. Jennifer is very organized, extremely intelligent and has an amazing eye for modern design”

Dave Block, Bloom Lead Gen

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